Gasifier design

Gasfier Design and Design Parameters


<p>good morning<br /> I'm installing a 1943 original german bild Imbert woodgas unit on a 1953 mercedes-unimog S404, 2.2 l 6 in line petrol engine.<br /> My big question is, where can I uptain parts, and in special, a Solex type ML mixing woodgas, petrol starter carburator.<br /> Second I'm looking for drawings and advace for constructing a cyclone filter to be placed directly at the gasexit of the producer gas generator, or if one can be purchased the better.<br /> Than this, is it a good practice to place after the cyclone filter a water/gas cooler to bring down the gas temperature, and wath about injecting the produced steam into the aire-inlet of the generator or is it better to inject directtly into the hot spot inside the generator.<br /> Is a buffer tank. cylinder a good idee to be placed between the production unit and the engine to have less fluctuation in flow and have always gas at hand when departing after a short stop at trafic lights?<br /> A the weight of the unit on this 5.5 ton 4x4 truck with a transport surface of 2.2m by 3 m is not a problem, all added wieght unsed for perfecting the unit to produce the best gas possible is not a problem, as long as the end resuld will make its way through the ofroud traks.<br /> All sugestions, advice and posibility to obtain constuction drawings is welcom.<br /> my thanks to all members<br /> Celen philip.<br /> Belgium.</p>