Nexterra Energy Corp.

Nexterra Energy Corp. Projects - Completed and Underway


Nexterra ( is a biomass gasification company based in VancouverCanada.

Tolko Industries - Heffley Creek BC

Nexterra's first commercial facility at Tolko Industries’ Heffley Creek plywood plant has been operational since May 2006. It produces 38 MMBtu/hr of net usable heat for their veneer dryers and log conditioning vats.

University of South Carolina, Coloumbia SC

Johnson Controls has installed a Nexterra gasification technology at the University of South Carolina. The system will produce 60,000 lb/hr of high pressure steam and 1.4 MWe of electricity.

The system successfully completed performance and emissions test in 2009. The University is now building a renewable energy "living labratory" around the gasification plant.

Biomass Magazine Article:

Dockside Green
Dockside Green
Dockside Green, Victoria BC

Dockside Green is a 1.3 million-square- foot residential and commercial development in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. The development, which received LEED® Platinum certification from the Canada Green Building Council, will be home to 2,500 residents. Nexterra’s biomass gasification system will provide heat and hot water for the community and enable the development to be carbon-neutral from an energy perspective. The 7 MMBtu/hr plant will be owned and operated as a neighborhood energy utility through a partnership among Vancity Capital, Terasen Energy Services and Corix.

The system is now operational.

Oakridge National Labs, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Nexterra, through its alliance with Johnson Controls, has been selected to build a 60 MMBtu/hr gasification project for the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the largest science and energy laboratory in the U.S. This system will convert wood into syngas and provide 60,000 lbs/hr of low pressure steam to heat the ORNL facility. Engineering and design of the system is underway. System start-up is scheduled for late 2009.

Kruger Products Limited
Kruger has ordered a 40,000 lb/hr gasification and steam generation system for its tissue paper mill in New Westminster, B.C. The application showcases Nexterra’s ability to directly fire syngas into a boiler. The system will make the mill more energy efficient and competitive by reducing annual fossil fuel consumption. In addition, the mill’s greenhouse gases will be reduced by more than 22,000 tonnes per year.

Product Development

Nexterra operates an 8 MMBtu/hr Product Development Centre located in Kamloops BC and has a dedicated product development team.  At the Product Development Centre, Nexterra develops and demonstrates new applications and tests new fuels.  In 2005 Nexterra dramatically modified its Product Development Centre to demonstrate direct firing applications. Nexterra has demonstrated conveying of syngas and firing it directly into lime kiln burners or existing boilers.

Since 2007 Nexterra has been working with GE Energy to develop an application where Nexterra's gasification system and gas clean up technology will be combined with high efficiency GE Jenbacher engines.  This has the potential to make biomass CHP economic at a scale of 2- 10 MWe. The first demonstration of this application will take place later in 2009.