Using the the JXQ-10 or Stak 10K gasifiers to produce Engine Fuel

From Pete Stanaitis, December, 2011

produce engine grade fuel.

The question on everyone’s mind is:

“How can I make my machine produce engine grade gas for decent periods of time?”

Several people have had partial success so far. I (we) know that this device isn’t an imbert style machine, but we who have them do want to see how far they can be pushed.
To that end:
I have been accumulating correspondence between myself and about 15 other users/interested parties since June of this year.
-Many questions have been asked and answered.
-Several members have been reporting test results
-Several members have been making changes and modifications to the machines and the process.

These messages are simply arranged (roughly) by date, by correspondent, newest entry first, on the following webpage:

If you are a user of one of these machines (or are seriously interested in getting one), and have some input or some serious questions, please check out that page and give us input as you see fit.

NOTE: Senior members of this list are unlikely to gain any new knowledge by visiting this page.---- yet, anyway.

Pete Stanaitis