Creating Content on the Gasification Discussion List Website

Creating Content on the Gasification Site

Create an Account and Login

- Use the User Login block on the right to enter your username and password (or create a new account and then enter the username and password).

Create a Story

1. On the right, under Sponsors block, you will see a menu with your username at the top. Click on the top link which is "create content"

2. On the Create Content screen choose "Story"

- Under Title - write a brief description of the Topic of the Story

- Choose the Language (if it isn't already displayed)

- Click on the Key words (Authors, Country, etc.) that apply to your story. Visitors will use these words to find your story later.

- In the Body Field, type or paste in your story.

- To add images to your story, click on the photo with the plus sign below the Body entry box. Choose "add image" from the top left frame, and make sure that each Image has a Title, and the location of the file (Click on the "browse" button to tell the software where to find it). Click on the Submit button to add the image to the archive. Then click on that image and use the "insert image" button (bottom right) to add that image to the Body of your Story. (If this procedure is too complicated, just email us the image, and we'll be happy to add it to your story).

- If you used HTML in the body, including links, click next to Full HTML otherwise, leave the settings unchanged.

- If you are including an excel spreadsheet use the attach new file feature to upload it to the web site, otherwise feel free to ignore this feature

- Finally, click on the Preview button, to see what your story will look like, or the Submit button to save it to the web site. It will only save to the web site when you use the Submit button

Add Images

1. Format your image for the web or 450 pixels wide
2. Select "Create content -> Image"
3. Title - give the image a short descriptive title
4. Image Galleries - select image gallery for your anme ro topic if one exists
5. Select image
6. Do not select other categories.
7. Select "Published" only
8. Submit


Send pictures and information for posting to this site to:

Thanks for your participation.

Tom Miles
Erin Rasmussen