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Meva Innovation AB VIPP Gasifier

Meva AB VIPP Gasifier

Mikael Sjöblom, Meva Innovation AB, Sweden

Meva Innovation AB has been working on a new VIPP (Vortex Intensive Power Process) cyclone gasifier and gas cleaner. They have had a 500kw CHP Pilot plant operating since 2009, and are building a small CHP plant for a district heating (utility) which will be commissioned in September.

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Betel Biomass Gasifier

500 kgs per hour thermal system installation

BETEL, Bioresidue Energy Technology Private Limited
Biomass Gasifiers with technology from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

BETEL Biomass Gasifier

BETEL manufactures biomass gasifiers in various ranges using a wide range of agricultural residues, based on the technology developed from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. BETEL provides clients with a reliable source of alternate energy.


Grass for Power Generation

Grass for Power Generation
Johanes Judex, PSI April 2010

Hello everybody,

I have learned from this gasification network since three years and I learned a lot.
Thank you all, for sharing much information.

Most of the time I stayed in the background but now I want to post the link to my PhD thesis I did at the ETH Zuerich and Paul Scherrer Institut in Biomass Gasification.

I am not a native english writer so you will excuse the formal mistakes I made. Anyway I did my best to present:

Grass for power generation -- extending the fuel flexibility for IGCC power plants

The outline of the work is as follows:

The fuel: natural native grass (extensive), wood
The gasifiers: bubbling fluidised bed (5-10kW) & single pellet reactor
The sampling: continuous wet scrubber
The diagnostik: GC, GC/MS, ICP-OES, TC, Karl-Fischer, Draeger tubes, SID
The parameters: Lambda, temperature, bed material
The goal: Stable operation, product gas clean enough for gas turbine applications
The result: you have to read it and decide for yourself

Well, I hope there is something for everybody in this work.



Practical Application: 


We have been working on open-top down draft, re-burn gasification of bioresidues for the past three years and have successfully implemented 7 projects ranging in size from 20 kWe to 2 MWe, in India and abroad, using a wide range of biomass feedstock such as Casuarina, Eucalyptus, coconut shell. The gasifiers can use practically any woody biomass fuel containing upto 15% moisture and are used by our clients for both thermal applications and for power generation.



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