Internal Combustion

Honda Clone; fueled by producer-gas

Conversion of a 6.5hp single cylinder Honda clone engine to producer-gas. Timing was advanced and a carburetor was fabricated. These are affordable engines popular with go-cart racers thus there is a pool of performance techniques easily available to tap.


Facts about Producer Gas Engines

G. Sridhar and Ravindra Babu Yarasu June, 2011

We are pleased to learn of this paper, in which Sridhar and Yarasu connect and engine that is designed to run on producer gas to a downdraft gasifier, and learn a lot of new things; one of which is that the engine runs efficiently at a higher compression ratio without any problems with knock. They do a great job of presenting the results from their trials, and then comparing standard modeling tools and finding where the gaps are. Well worth the read.


Betel Biomass Gasifier

500 kgs per hour thermal system installation

BETEL, Bioresidue Energy Technology Private Limited
Biomass Gasifiers with technology from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

BETEL Biomass Gasifier

BETEL manufactures biomass gasifiers in various ranges using a wide range of agricultural residues, based on the technology developed from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. BETEL provides clients with a reliable source of alternate energy.

Gasifier and EngineTables

Gasifier and Engine Tables
Kevin Chisholm, October 11, 2006

Attached is a Spread Sheet "Gasifier and Engine Tables" that should answer a number of questions relating to diesel fuel displaced by using wood gas in a dual fueled engine, or the amount of wood required to provide sufficient gas to run a Spark Ignition (SI) engine of any size.

I put this Spread Sheet together, based on fundamental work done by Doug Williams of Fluidyne,

Gasifier and Poly Digester Center for Agricultural Research and Training (CelAgrid)

Kung Touche Village, UTA Agricel Takeo Province, Cambodia

Photos from a visit by Robert Deutsch, April 2005

Ankur Gasifier

Gasifier Wood Side

Ankur Gasifier Gas side

Reg Preston, April - September 2005

Our gasifier is from Ankur in Baroda India. It is downdraft with gas cleaning by water cyclone then sawdust then a cloth filter. The price was


Engine Test With Producer Gas

Bench tests with a four-cylinder stationary engine were made with gasoline
and producer gas from charcoal as the fuels. A comparison of their performance
revf'aled that maximum power from producer gas from charcoal is about 55 per-
cent of gasoline power, and that about 11.4 pounds of charcoal is equivalent to
1 gallon of gasoline. When operating an engine on producer gas the spark should
be advanced beyond the setting for maximum power with gasoline.

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