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Continuous Feed Biomass Gasifier for Thermal Applications

Erin Rasmussen 2011-09-29 11:03

Robert Sinan Kana, Muslim Gunawan

Energy from Waste project
Pt. Biomass Energy, Purworejo, Java Tengah, Indonesia

Continues Feed Biomass Gasifier for Thermal Applications

A biomass waste wood gasifier plant, to provide thermal energy to dry 6 m3 of wood in 12
days. This system is developed by Biomass Energy Purworejo, Java Tengah, Indonesia for
small industry thermal applications to save fossil fuel, create energy from waste and reduce carbon footprint of the business and industries.


Good, old Gasification meets High-Tech Fuel Cells

Hello everybody,

    I learned from Johannes about this forum. Just like Johannes, I did a PhD at Paul Scherrer Institut and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in the field of Biomass Gasification. I wish I had known this forum back then because one of the goals of my thesis was to come up with a fixed bed gasifier in the 5 to 30 kWth scale which would operate at least one week non-stop. Fortunately, I did succeed in the end as you can read in my thesis.

      Electricity from wood through the combination of gasification and solid oxide fuel cells


      CarboConsult:Tar Free Wood Gas

      Carbo Consult:Tar Free Wood Gas
      Gero Eckerman November 13,2006

      From Tom Reed:

      I was a good friend and colleague of Gus and visited his house several times.

      It is important to speak the same language. What is the tar content of your raw gas? Filtered Gas? Particulate content?

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