Continuous Feed Biomass Gasifier for Thermal Applications

Erin Rasmussen 2011-09-29 11:03

Robert Sinan Kana, Muslim Gunawan

Energy from Waste project
Pt. Biomass Energy, Purworejo, Java Tengah, Indonesia

Continues Feed Biomass Gasifier for Thermal Applications

A biomass waste wood gasifier plant, to provide thermal energy to dry 6 m3 of wood in 12
days. This system is developed by Biomass Energy Purworejo, Java Tengah, Indonesia for
small industry thermal applications to save fossil fuel, create energy from waste and reduce carbon footprint of the business and industries.

Gas Conditioning: 

Charcoal Quality

Your comments on the charcoal issue is right. This information is for the people who would be interested in charcoal making.

Not properly dried wood will never yield more than 20% charcoal and most of the pieces will be broken. Charcoal which is not broken in pieces, burn longer and gives more energy. In the market what is called Grade A charcoal, brings 30 to 40% more price than lump charcoal. What is most important today is try to make charcoal as clean as possible environmentally, even in traditional kilns.

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