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Honda Clone; fueled by producer-gas

Conversion of a 6.5hp single cylinder Honda clone engine to producer-gas. Timing was advanced and a carburetor was fabricated. These are affordable engines popular with go-cart racers thus there is a pool of performance techniques easily available to tap.


Sawdust Powered Emergency Electric Generator

Published on Feb 16, 2013

With a Wayne Keith engine modification, this unit starts easily on woodgas.

Fuel consumptions is about 3-4 gallons of sawdust per hour with light, intermittent loads.

The S-80 was an innovative sawdust gasifier produced by Missouri Gasification Systems circa 1980's. It is sized for up to 20hp air cooled applications.


At Icy Straits Lumber, will a small Gasifier reduce costs in Alaska?

Wood Gasifier at Icy Straits Lumber, Wes Tyler and John Hillman

Wes Tyler at Icy Straits Lumber, Tom Miles, and Jim Mason with All Power Labs, Alaska, 2012

In Alaska, there are a lot of remote villages that generate electricity by using small oil generators. But, transport costs and fuel costs have made the electricity very expensive, and the costs of heating their homes and generating electricity has been a burden on the businesses and families in the rural areas.

Icy Straits Lumber, in Hoonah, Alaska is testing a small All Power Labs Gasifier at their lumber mill. They have a ready supply of the right kind of fuel, have staff familiar with this type of equipment, and need some extra power, that's less expensive than the imported fuel they'd normally be using. This will be a good place to see if this type of gasifier will work well in the winters in Alaska, and if so, it may be recommended to other communities.

For more information, see the article by Ketichikan community Radio:


25 to 50 ton/day Gasifier Gasifier for Sale

Erin Rasmussen 2011-10-25 18:21
Erin Rasmussen 2011-10-25 18:21

25 to 50 ton/day Gasifier

Asking $399,000 USD,


  • Primary operations on scrap tires, but also suitable for wood or MSW
  • Air-blown, Slagginggasifier (could be modified to dry ash removal)
  • Custom whole tire compression feeder
  • ~2500hours of operation

Seller willing to carry some short-term financing. Plant located near Price, Utah, USA
For inquiries, send email to:

Uniconfort Boiler: Biomass Gasification Boiler Technology Evolves

Uniconfort Boiler

From Doug Cure of Alternative Energy Solutions International, October, 2011

As the United States biomass thermal and power industry continues to expand, new reliable technologies offering higher efficiency solutions must be introduced. The newly introduced EOS series biomass gasification boiler is among the most energy efficient of AESI’s high-performance, low-maintenance biomass energy plants. The EOS series provides thermal outputs ranging from 600,000 BTU/hr to 20 million BTU/hr, and can be staged to provide increased capacity.


Report: Successful 2 month continuous Gasifier run and lessons learned.

Greg Manning, Canadian Gasifier Ltd, September, 2010

I'm running a gasifier that to date, ran continuous (without shutdown) for
2 months, this was the limit of the steels used to build the unit, upon examination the delamination of the steel in the internal "hot spot" areas was so severe that these areas had to be replaced with new items. not once but twice during the heating season.

we have moved away from steels in these critical areas, and on to refractory, and are preparing for a new set of tests this coming winter (this is a building heating only gasifier).

view through the tuyere here:

Greg Manning,
Canadian Gasifier Ltd.
Building Hi-Performance Gasifiers, Since 2001

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
1 (204) 726-1851


Gasifipedia a New Resource for information

United States Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), August, 2010


Gasifipedia appears to focus on Coal Gasification, but it has nice clear illustrations and information that is both introductory and more detailed.


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