Around Sweden with Wood in the Tank

Around Sweden with Wood in the Tank June 12, 2007

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"It's been done before, but it was a long time a go. A journey around Sweden with wood in the tank. Those of us who are working with producer gas know it's possible. But there are many doubters to our environment-friendly lifestyle.

Johan Linell, Micke Anderberg and Martin Johansson has started a project to take their Volvo 140 around Sweden the summer 2007.

The journey will start in Furudal and go to Maunu in the very north of Sweden. There we will turn around and go down to Smygehuk in the very south and back to Furudal againe. The journey is 5000 km long and we are going to stop several times on the way. Mostly to fuel the gasproducer with wood."

They plan to start July 14 and end August 3.

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