Sawdust Burner

Sawdust Burner
Winfried Rijssenbeek, April 8, 2008
Plug Flow Reactor
Plug Flow Reactor

Hey Nicolaus!

Good to see you in this forum! I hope you still know me from the Jatropha seminar last year? This type of blower and equipment, does it look like this (see attached picture) Do you know the suppliers of the equipment you described so I can contact them for the corn (maiz) dryer?

There is something else I want to share with you: I have been studying tropical pasture (cutting 9 times a year with a production of 30 tonm /ha /yr and with chipping it and feeding (after pretreatment) in a plugflow reactor to make biogas for electricity and cooking. I consider it to be of all systems, most continuous (you produce as of the first year), most simple in growing (perfect nutrients recycling) and in conversion (biogas run engines like Jenbacher are top) and most yielding per ha basis. Of course other systems like KDV (the promise) or cellulosic ethanol are nice but seem to be more large scale.

What's your idea on it?

PS are you familiar with Suarez's efforts

Winfried Rijssenbeek

Sawdust burner

Yes , remember you vividly.

This model you show is from Brazil if i am not wrong. An italian company as well is producing some professional ones for brick kiln heating ( brick kiln ,tunnel type, heated from top with fuel lance or saw dust blower lance.

well if you start to produce Moringa and cut it every 35 days you will have much more to produce. Yields in Moringa are around 600 tons of fresh biomass per ha and year( 10 cuttings) or 80 to 100 tons dry matter per ha/ year. High in sugar,starch, oil and proteins.
Well if it is to produce hydrocarbons from biomass i would go for the LTC process using fats and proteins decarboxylation, with a cheap catalyst like Sodalime micronized and heat at around 400 degrees celsius under vacuum or N2 gas. That promises a efficiency of something between 35 to 55 % of the initial weight in slightly oxidized hydrocarbons. C6 to C19 chains.
At the same site i was seeing a screw heated, transporting biomass powder or pellets which is a proposed system by the Brazilians and Prof.Beier Germany. John Rivera with the Rivera process copied the same from the german Professor ( he was the second or 3 to patent it) and is now Nr. 6 or 7 ( i lost count) claiming to have invented it. It obviously works and as the patents are long expired, free to copy. A huge palet of different catalyst are available for this proces beginning with carbonates to Nickel-Tin-Nickeloxide to ZM5,ZM4,ZM10,ZM20 to Sodalime, Calcium oxide micronised etc. etc.
They all pretend to do the same, decarboxylation of proteins and fats or deoxidation.

Which of the many Suarez do you refer to?

best regards Nikolaus