Lighting the Dark with Gasified Rice Hulls

TG 70 Gasifier MDK
TG 70 Gasifier MDK

In 2013, PT. Gasifikasi Prima Energi (GPE) received a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) grant from the Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), co-funded with USAID-sponsored Indonesian Clean Energy Development (ICED), to develop a 24kW rural electrification project in the area of Munduk in Buleleng Province, Bali. 85 households, 2 temples and a primary school in Munduk village are currently receiving electricity produced.




Get a free copy of the REGATEC 2014 conference proceedings

1st International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, REGATEC 2014 was a success with 160 participants from 25 countries and 30 exhibitors. Get a free copy of the ISBN numbered conference proceedings by sending your contact details to
The conference proceedings contain extended abstracts from 4 plenary speeches, 22 presentations in parallel sessions, 24 poster presentations, and company presentations of the REGATEC Gold and Silver sponsors.

Honda Clone fueled by producer-gas

Conversion of a 6.5hp single cylinder Honda clone engine to producer-gas. Timing was advanced and a carburetor was fabricated. These are affordable engines popular with go-cart racers thus there is a pool of performance techniques easily available to tap.


Woodgas Meet and Greet 2013

Woodgas Meet and Greet; Argos, Indiana, Welcome

Jeff Davis 2013

This is the second year that the "Woodgas Meet and Greet" was held in Argos Indiana. With the water tower (Photo 5) acting as a beacon attracting people from across the country to share their knowledge, experience and question with each other. It's easy to say that it was a total success and the Argos Fairgrounds was the perfect setting.

Chinook Energy

From the Chinook Energy web site:

"Chinook Energy's gasification processes provide waste management businesses the ability to create both power and synthetic liquid fuel from a wide range of discarded waste materials. From organic waste substances, a variety of entirely-synthetic fuels can be created: synthetic ethanol, methanol, diesel, gasoline and jet fuel can all be synthesized from an almost-limitless list of feed materials."


Sawdust Powered Emergency Electric Generator

Published on Feb 16, 2013

With a Wayne Keith engine modification, this unit starts easily on woodgas.

Fuel consumptions is about 3-4 gallons of sawdust per hour with light, intermittent loads.

The S-80 was an innovative sawdust gasifier produced by Missouri Gasification Systems circa 1980's. It is sized for up to 20hp air cooled applications.

Small Scale Cashew Shell Gasifier

Early version of the gasifier with a flare

These photos come From Aaron Fishman, who built a small scale gasifier for a cashew enterprise in Indonesia. Their capacity is around 1,000kg/day of which 750kg is waste shells that can be used for fuel and biochar. The biochar will be used to help improve the soils. The company is using the gasifier to reduce their consumption of LPG and to find uses for the cashew shells that are a residue stream from the factory.


ICM is Decomissioning their Pilot Plant in Kansas

According to the Kansan ICM is decommissioning their pilot plant at Harvey County Transfer Station in Kansas. In the project, the county and ICM explored a number of different feedstock options, including waste paper, urban wood waste, and the county felt that it was a worth while project and worth the time and energy spent on it. They expressed sadness that they could not go forward with a waste-to-energy project at this time.


500 KWe, Copenhagen District heating Plant

Weiss from Denmark has a commercial scale CHP plant in Copenhagen, Denmark in operation producing 500 KWe and 1000 MW thermal energy that they are adding to the district heating loop.

Please take a look at the Weiss Combined for Heat and Power brochure for details.

More information about Weiss A/S can be found on their web site


At Icy Straits Lumber, will a small Gasifier reduce costs in Alaska?

Wes Tyler at Icy Straits Lumber, Tom Miles, and Jim Mason with All Power Labs, Alaska, 2012

In Alaska, there are a lot of remote villages that generate electricity by using small oil generators. But, transport costs and fuel costs have made the electricity very expensive, and the costs of heating their homes and generating electricity has been a burden on the businesses and families in the rural areas.



Paddy Seed Dryer Gasifier and Furnace

by: Alexis Belonio and Billy Belonio
Mapangpang, Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

Drying seeds is a major concern fro growers in Nueva Ecija, especially when harvesting coincides with rainy periods (that make sun drying seeds difficult). Rice Husks can make an inexpensive fuel, and a Rice Husk Gasifier is an improvement over the traditional Furnace Design



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