Crorey Alternative Fuels Biomass Gasifier Systems

Crorey Alternative Fuels Biomass Gasifier Systems
January 8, 2008

Crorey Gasifier System

Specification 45 kWe 500-700,00 Btuh, 0.5-5 psig.

Theory of Operation

In general, our gasifier transforms dry biomass into a usable, gaseous fuel with can be used in virtually any existing natural gas or propane burning device.

Patented device performs the following broad tasks:

1. Using controlled combustion in an oxygen depraved environment, we break the carbon and hydrogen molecular bonds with a multi stage system.

2. A final stage incinerates the harmful tars and unwanted, long chain hydrocarbons.

3. A bed of carbon char reconstitutes the incinerated products of combustion back into a combustible gas.

4. Gas is cleaned of any ash and moisture using rapid expansion.

5. The conditioned gas is supplied to a pressure tank for end users.

See website for details and video

Payback Calculations

Crorey Biomass Gasifier Systems
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