Gasification comes to Chile

Gasification comes to Chile
Doug Williams and Douglas Diaz, Chile June 7, 2007

Douglas Diaz, and myself on completion of a very enjoyable and successful day of exposing invited guests to experience gasification from a commercial perspective

I have posted for you photographs from my recent visit to Chile on the Fluidyne Archive which I hope might be of interest. My thanks to Douglas Diaz and business Partners for making it happen for Chile.

When enquiries are received At Fluidyne for Gasification Technology, generally it is a half hearted enquiry, with expectations of a wonder machine to convert any combustible material into a high quality fuel gas. Unfortunately the literature can create this impression, as many researchers report on gasifying strange fuels, but do not qualify this by saying, that it is not possible from a commercial perspective. Usually after a few letters are exchanged, the interest fades away, when the recipients realize that they are required to make it happen, if at all, for their situation, in that country.

Each country is surprisingly different in it's expectations of how gasifiers might fit into their energy equations, and then there is a very differing situation on the level of technical support for a gasifier that might require sophisticated servicing requirements. With this in mind, I am pleased to report on how an individual in Chile, handled my decline to supply ready made gasifiers for his perceived need in Chile.

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Gas burning inside the ceramic lined burner nozzle.Gas burning inside the ceramic lined burner nozzle.