Gasifier and EngineTables

Gasifier and Engine Tables
Kevin Chisholm, October 11, 2006

Attached is a Spread Sheet "Gasifier and Engine Tables" that should answer a number of questions relating to diesel fuel displaced by using wood gas in a dual fueled engine, or the amount of wood required to provide sufficient gas to run a Spark Ignition (SI) engine of any size.

I put this Spread Sheet together, based on fundamental work done by Doug Williams of Fluidyne,

Enter the engine speed in the colored block, in Table 1, and this gives results for an engine of 1000 cc displacement. In Table 2, the engine displacement can be entered, and this table gives the expected results for an engine of that displacement.

For a given engine size, if you know its petrol consumption now, the Table 2 would tell you how much wood you would require to operate the engine under similar load conditions. I hope you find this helpful

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Practical Application: