The Making of the Kalle Gasifier

The final Källe-gasifier, complete with wind sieve.

The Making of the Kalle Gasifier
By Torsten Källe

January/February 1942
(Translation to English 2000, Joacim Persson )

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Torsten Källe's charcoal gasifier was somewhat ahead of its time. It was very popular due to its easy maintenance and fuel economy. Some features with this gasifier is perhaps recognised in modern gasification technology; among many things it was a sort of predecessor to what today is called `circulating fluidised bed.' Charcoal gasifiers were generally more popular than wood gasifiers during the producer gas era in Sweden in the days of WW2, even as the wood gasifiers improved in design. Wood gas was cheaper by all means, but charcoal gasifiers were so much easier to handle.

This article perhaps belongs in the historical section, but I feel it is worth reading even today. I for one find Mr Källe's reasoning and experimenting very inspiring.

This article is shamelessly stolen from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering's publication Teknisk Tidskrift, namely from the issues as of the 17th January (pp.4--8) and 21st February (pp. 15--16), 1942, in the Automobil och Motorteknik section. (Also published earlier in a publication named Fläkten, unknown date). Enjoy!

Joacim Persson



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