Pyrolysis furnace BLAGO

Pyrolysis BLAGO boiler is intended for heating of industrial, residential, residential premises. Using the technology it is no different from the pyrolysis of the lower layer burning boilers. Only here the primary air is directed under the fuel bed, slipping from the hopper into the combustion chamber and the secondary air is injected through nozzles installed at the bottom of the combustion chamber, between partitions. The fuel used wood, sawdust, coal, husk of the seed. You can also use the waste from the shoe, leather production, w / a tire, etc. The duration of the tab on one of fuelwood ranges from 20 hours to 3 days. The boiler can be operated on natural draft, and in a forced air circulation. The presence of two hoppers can work in a large boiler output range with little change in efficiency. Fuel consumption is reduced compared to conventional CT boilers up to 25%. Deposits of tar does not. The boiler can be operated in the "afterburner" mode, at a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius and below. In this case, along with the burning of fuel in the bunkers of the burning of fuel in the bottom of the combustion chamber at a constant popping fuel. The combustion chamber is lined with heat resistant material than lengthens the life of the unit. The proximity of the combustion chamber to the loading bunkers for fuel and heat in the combustion chamber reaches 1100-1200 degrees Celsius in the natural extract and 1200-1600 degrees C under forced air circulation, can be dried to 75% fuel moisture., Burn municipal solid waste, clinical waste, leather, rubber, polyethylene. lb / in car tires .. In contrast to the standard layout of pyrolysis boilers should not be afraid that the MSW (tverlye, hard to burn household waste) that are in the hopper, block the entrance channel nozzle and the boiler will have decreased.

This gasification boilers pass the nozzle channel is under the combustion chamber, away from the hoppers. Gasification boilers due to its construction achieve low emission values ​​of emissions that complies with EU-3 (Euro 3). Carbon monoxide (CO) below 500mg/m3, which allows you to sell gasification boilers in all EU countries without restriction.

The design of the boiler can operate without a heat accumulator (TA) to quickly repair the heat exchanger or furnace lining in kamere.Teploobmennik removable. It can be easily removed. defective weld location and re-install. The bottom panel inclined rotary furnace. T.. K. distance from the bottom to the top rail 500 mm. lowering the lower slope panels can easily produce all the work to replace the nozzles, liners and pr Structurally, the boiler is designed to be easy to maintain, produce TO and TS.
Developed technical documentation (drawings, specifications, description).