We have been working on open-top down draft, re-burn gasification of bioresidues for the past three years and have successfully implemented 7 projects ranging in size from 20 kWe to 2 MWe, in India and abroad, using a wide range of biomass feedstock such as Casuarina, Eucalyptus, coconut shell. The gasifiers can use practically any woody biomass fuel containing upto 15% moisture and are used by our clients for both thermal applications and for power generation.

Making Charcoal from Dr Jury Judkevitch

The members of this mailing list actively discuss the production of charcoal from large pieces of wood. This problem is important for those countries of Asia and Africa, where there is a lot of
wood, a lot of working hands and few environment regulations. I think, it is better to offer a solution now than to wait for an ideal solution some time in the future.

I offer a variant of such a furnace.
This design is not protected by the patent so anybody can use it, where regulations permit.

RADHE Renewable Energy Development Associates (2005)

We are engaged in the manufacturing of renewable and non-conventional energy equipments. i.e. briquetting plants and biomass gasifiers.

Activities: manufacturing briquetting plants JUMBO 90 model with production capacity of 500 to 1500 kgs per hour, with an added benefit ;JUMBO 90 does not require hammer mill or sizing machine since residuals of upto 25mm can be fed directly. Moreover, it has been developed for minimum consumption of power and maintenance.


MDE Dezentrale Energiesysteme GmbH

C. Van Milligen, October 2002

The October 2002 edition of Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide magazine on page 10 has an article on a demo plant in Eckernforde, Germany, by Sr. Franz Hirschbichler. This plant is producing wood gas from chips, cleaning the gas and fueling an internal combustion engine. The use a MDE turbocharged v12, 1.83 L/cyl, S1 Leanburn gas engine adapted to wood gas.

There seems to be some additional work required to get the plant operating as planned although they consider the demo to have proved the concept of wood gas for a CHP plant.

GAS-L: Re: pressurized combustion

Aerts, Parker et al:

I found the following on my laptop three weeks after I got home, probably
written in the Tokyo airport during my "extra" Saturday, courtesy of the
dateline.. If I sent it before, please excuse!

On my trip I saw a monstrous pressurized recirculating fluidized bed combustor
in Finland. It was impressive as a major engineering feat. One justification
is that the hot gas filtering with ceramic candles are relatively cheaper at
high pressure. However, the cost of the equipment is very high for combustion.


GoBiGas, EQTEC Iberia, Cortus (WoodRoll), Xylowatt among others join REGATEC 2015

REGATEC 2015 in Barcelona on 7-8 May

REGATEC 2015, 7- 8 May in Barcelona

  • 60+ presentations by leading experts
  • registered participants from 5 continents and 22 countries
  • display of the new generation NGVs in the nice hotel garden and
  • display of products and services by leading biogas and gasification companies/organizations in the indoor exhibition.

There is a rapid progress in the development of biomass gasification both for CHP and bio-SNG production.


The First Grid-Connected 500 kWe Biomass Gasification System deployed at Isla de la Juventud. Cuba.

From Dr. Oscar L. Jimenez.
October 18, 2014

Dear Colleagues.

Early in year 2000 Cuba, through an International GEF-UNDP funded project, started the introduction of biomass gasification based technology. At that time a 50 KWe biomass gasification system was firstly installed and commissioned for powering Cocodrilo’s remote village, sited on Isla de la Juventud, previously known as Isla de Pinos.


Screen Shoot of PufferMathScreen Shoot of PufferMath

PufferMath is a spreadsheet to assist with gas producer calculations. Read more and download at the below link.

Gas-of-Fire 1000 Videos - 2

Gas-of-Fire 1000
Jeff Davis, June 12, 2007
[img_assist|nid=245|title=Gas-of-Fire 1000 Update #1|desc=The cyclone filter did not turn out the way I had planned. All I'll say is that when one plans on welding an old pot to the bottom of the cyclone filter (in order to provide room for the ash) make sure the pot is not an aluminum pot! You can see the test |link=node|align=left|width=319|height=240]
[img_assist|nid=289|title=The Rig|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=400|height=300]

Cow Manure Densification And Gasification- Converting Cow Manure Into Energy -2

AES in partnership with Renew Energy Systems has developed a
range of proven technology solutions that allow ranchers and dairies to
convert their manure into renewable energy. This video segment offers a
glimpse into the developmental process that has led up to these cost
saving programs. Not to be confused with Anaerobic Digestion, AES


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