MR Charcoal

Abstract: An exploration of a large scale Top Lite Up Draft (TLUD), fabricated from a recycled hot water tank heater.

Here, Mr Charcoal is running on loose switchgrass.

This is at the end of the switchgrass burn. I wanted to show the charcoal but it did not show up in the picture.

Camp Lejeune Energy Project

Silage Wagon Dryer for Wood Chips
Darren Schmidt, Research Manager Energy & Environmental Research Center University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, December 2006

Silage Wagon Dryer

This is the silage wagon dryer used for wood chips at the EPA sponsored Camp Lejeune gasification project.

2000 lbs/hr - drying wood from 45% down to 15 - 25% moisture.

Toyota Running On Producer Gas

Toyota Running On Producer Gas
Bruce Jackson, Abu Graib, Iraq, September 2005

" I will make a prediction. I believe that I can make a truck run down the road on producer gas cheaper and with less hassle then with Biodiesel. I predict others in my position will be able to do the same as well." BPJ Sept 19, 2005

2000 cc Toyota With Gasifier On Back Video Sep 2005: It's running On Producer Gas! (7MB)

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