Maple Block Fueled Pickup

Maple Block Fueled 1978 GMC Pickup with 350CID (5L) engine

This is a 1978 GMC Pickup with 350CID (5L) engine. Gasoline is used to start the engine. The gasoline/air mixture is enrichened by closing down on the Rochester Q-Jet choke-plate, at which time the gasifier isolation-valve can be cracked off it's seat. Engine speed for gasifier light-off should be around 1500RPM. Remove one nozzle-shutdown-cap, and insert ram-rod into hearth to clear a hole in the char-bed. Apply a propane-torch to the nozzle. Use a dark face-shield to observe heating char. Remove more nozzle-shut-downcaps as hearth-bed temperature rises. Adjust air-admission valve to producer-gas-mixer. Open Rochester Q-Jet choke. Open gasifier isolation valve fully. Leave gasoline throttle at idle position. Sit in driver's seat, Fasten seat-belt, and set automatic transmission in drive. Use your left-foot to operate producer-gas throttle. Use gasoline- throttle only for added power. Producer-gas Throttle will be opened fully in open road cruising mode. On producer-gas alone on straight, level road 45 miles per hour is the cruising speed expected (no payload) for this plant. I am open to suggestions to make it more fast and powerful.

Art K has suggested closer control over air-admission, and I am working on that. Ill' keep you all posted...

Andy Schofield
Great Lakes Renewable Fuels