Tri-Cylinder plunger pump

Tri-Cylinder plunger pump
Peter Singfield, Belize, April 21, 2007

Over the next few days I will take one down and photograph the "workings" along with theoretical discussion on how to modify this into a small prime mover powered by refrigerant or steam working fluids.

The advantage is HP at higher torque -- lower RPM -- 800 RPM actually ---

This greatly simplifies hooking and turning a generator.

I'll also be duplicating the ORMAT design -- but on the very cheap -- using the new PM DC dynamo I now have in stock -- rated to 6 kw -- 32 V DC -- ideal for charging 24 volt battery packs and running 24 VDC to 120 volt AC
-- inverters.

Thus assuring a steady very well regulated power out -- and no problem with starting surges either.

The theory is to do all of this for much less -- 10% or less - -the cost of the excellent -- but so expensive ($50,000 plus for their 6 kw) device.

Oh well -- ONWARDS!! (Maybe!!)

And -- the Chinese gasifier is already well presented for thermal "duty"
and for this power range.

This is what I have here on the shelf right now:

These plunger pumps ---

The Chinese gasifier

The DC dynamo

The inverters

I will use bus air conditioner components for condenser -- a bus scrap yard is close by. That will supply condenser and electric -- 24 volt DC -- cooling fan -- of more than sufficient capacity.

Copper tubing for piping.

And I can probably find sufficient shell tube heat exchanger capacity from large diesel truck engine oil coolers.

The circulation pump will be any engine oil pump --

Coconut oil is precious -- I'll use some of my waste engine oil I have put up as thermal transfer fluid.

I'll probably use a single tube hot water tank gas boiler for thermal oil heater -- fired with producer gas from gasifier.

Butane will be the working fluid.

An extra plunger pump will be the feed pump required for the ORC cycle.

Peter Singfield