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BTG Bioliquids, BTG-BTL Website

BTG Bioliquids BV, BTG-BTL Biomass-to-Liquids Website
February 2010

BTG BioLiquids is a pyrolysis technology provider. Our technology efficiently converts most types of non-food biomass into a second generation bio–oil within two seconds. Based on 15 years of developing, optimizing and scaling up our technology we deliver commercial scale pyrolysis plants to our customers today.

Biomass Densification

Biomass Densification, Previously: Mobile Pyrolyzer for a Biorefinery Feedstock, Jim Robinson, Conversion Processes, California, March, 2006, updated August, 2007.

Thank you for giving me publicity with your entry about my Biorefinery Feedstock process. I have change the title of my data sheet to Biomass Densification which I am attaching. My interests have changed to accepting pyrolysis which I had previously rejected because the pyrolysis oil had a pH pf 3,0 which caused a requirement for stainless tankers for transport. I have found 9i can send you a copy of the article)that catalytic pyrolysis with a HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst reduces the acid content by 80%


Jim Robinson


Fuel Composition-Conversion and Equivalence Ratio Diagrams

The Fuel Composition-Conversion Diagram (pdf)
The Equivalence Ratio: The Key to Understanding Pyrolysis, Combustion and Gasification of fuels (pdf)
Tom Reed, Biomass Energy Foundation July 4, 2006

Equivalence ratio
Equivalence ratio

COMBIO Project Biomass to Liquid Fuels for Heating

COMBIO Project: Biomass to Liquid fuels for Heating


The aim of the project was to verify a new liquid biofuel chain for heat production, to determine fuel specifications for pyrolysis oil (PO) in different applications and to carry out long term combustion tests. Scientific objectives included modification of PO composition for improved stability by hot gas filtration and production of emulsions and cleaner combustion by increased understanding of fundamental phenomena through single droplet experiments.

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