Charcoal Quality

Your comments on the charcoal issue is right. This information is for the people who would be interested in charcoal making.

Not properly dried wood will never yield more than 20% charcoal and most of the pieces will be broken. Charcoal which is not broken in pieces, burn longer and gives more energy. In the market what is called Grade A charcoal, brings 30 to 40% more price than lump charcoal. What is most important today is try to make charcoal as clean as possible environmentally, even in traditional kilns.


Biomass Densification

Biomass Densification, Previously: Mobile Pyrolyzer for a Biorefinery Feedstock, Jim Robinson, Conversion Processes, California, March, 2006, updated August, 2007.

Thank you for giving me publicity with your entry about my Biorefinery Feedstock process. I have change the title of my data sheet to Biomass Densification which I am attaching. My interests have changed to accepting pyrolysis which I had previously rejected because the pyrolysis oil had a pH pf 3,0 which caused a requirement for stainless tankers for transport. I have found 9i can send you a copy of the article)that catalytic pyrolysis with a HZSM-5 zeolite catalyst reduces the acid content by 80%


Jim Robinson


Conference Announcement for the International Agrichar Initiative (IAI)

Conference Announcement for the International Agrichar Initiative (IAI) April 29-May 2, 2007 Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia

What is the International Agrichar Initiative?

The International Agrichar Initiative is an informal, newly-formed coalition of research, commercial and policy-oriented people and organizations devoted to the sustainability of the world


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