All Power Labs Power Pallet for the EU Grid

Over the last year and a half, APL has been collaborating with partners in Italy to develop a fully enclosed, regulation compliant version of the Power Pallet. The new product is intended for general use across the EU, with our inital launch in Italy in October.

The goal with the new machine is to offer a compact and highly automated biomass power and heat solution, requiring minimized install space or onsite construction, and to deploy it at half the price point of comparable systems on the market in Europe. This new European Combined Heat and Power (CHP) gasifier system lowers the cost from the current 4€/watt and above, to around 2€/watt. This makes the system broadly relevant and accessible across the continent.

The new PP25 EU Power Pallet adds the following features and functions to the standard open skid Power Pallet:

  • 25 kW continuous prime power at 50 Hz, 400 VAC three phase, via intercooled turbo charger
  • Very quiet sound dampening enclosure
  • Onboard grid-tie, with interconnection services provided by European partners
  • Continuous fuel feed capable, with automated airlock and fuel level sensing (not pictured)
  • Meets stringent emission standards (
  • High efficiency filtration by driven centrifugal force for aerosols and HEPA media for particulates
  • Harvests heat from radiator and exhaust (CHP)
  • CE Certified

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