Small engines running on gas from biomass.
Small engines running on gas from biomass.

Engines, Turbines and Prime Movers

Engines-Generators (G) Gas/LP, (D) Diesel

  • Lister (D) Ampro
  • Wartsila (G, D)
  • Dresser Waukesha (D)
  • MDE Dezentrale Energiesysteme, Augsburg, Germany
    • Wood gas Demonstration in Eckernforde, Germany
  • Menag Group, Switzerland (G, D)
  • Schmitt Enertec Gmbh (G, D)
  • Wood Gas as an Engine Fuel, FAO 1986
  • Publications

    Small Gas Turbines

    Steam Engines

    Spilling Piston Steam Engine

    Stirling Engines

    • Solo Stirling Germany
    • Stirling Danmark
    • Bernd Kammerich Germany Study Group Sterilng
    • CHP from Updraft Gasifier and Stirling Engine, DTU, DK
    • Orverter, MESH Technologies

    Various References