The First Grid-Connected 500 kWe Biomass Gasification System deployed at Isla de la Juventud. Cuba.

From Dr. Oscar L. Jimenez.
October 18, 2014

Dear Colleagues.

Early in year 2000 Cuba, through an International GEF-UNDP funded project, started the introduction of biomass gasification based technology. At that time a 50 KWe biomass gasification system was firstly installed and commissioned for powering Cocodrilo’s remote village, sited on Isla de la Juventud, previously known as Isla de Pinos.

After that first experience, some years later, an 80 KWe grid-connected biomass gasification system was also installed and commissioned in Santiago de Cuba Province, for processing sawdust residues. The Cocodrilo’s technology was designed and engineered by Indian Institute of Science and Technology in Bangalore India, while the one sited in Santiago de Cuba was designed and engineered by the Indian gasifier manufacturer ANKUR. Additionally there is also a 50 KWe ANKUR biomass gasifier, deployed in Matanzas province.

Last week I had the opportunity of visiting our first biggest (0.5 MWe)-grid-connected biomass gasification system “ La Melvis” based on Isla de Juventud too. The system, which was also designed and engineered by ANKUR, is aimed to covering roughly 3 % of the power demand of the whole island. The system, which features a new dry gas cleaning system, should ensure the feeding of clean producer gas to two 250 KWe Indian gas engines. Currently the plant is in its tuning up phase and soon is expected to generate power for the island.

Finally “La Melvis” plant was designed taking into consideration the possibility of increasing its installed power to 3.5 MWe in years to come.

Below we are pleased in posting two photos of the plant.

Author: Dr. Oscar L. Jimenez.
Bioenergy Department.