Summary of Biomass Power Generation in India

Summary of Biomass Power Generation in India
Hitofumi Abe, Ecosystem Research Group, University of Western Australia, October 2005

JICA study team for 'The Master Plan Study on Rural Electrification by Renewable Energy in The Kingdom of Cambodia' (1.4 MB pdf IEA Poster)

The government of India strongly encourages the utilization of biomass energy. All
renewable energy matter is under jurisdiction of Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy
Source (MNES). MNES estimated the biomass power potential in the entire country as
19,500 MW. To obtain the maximum utilization of such high potential energy source,
MNES has been conducting various researches such as technologies, resource assessment
and system modelling on biomass energy sector. As the results, India now becomes one of
the leading countries of biomass energy utilization.

The commissioned biomass power capacity reached 290 MW (52 projects) and the
commissioned co-generation capacity installed mainly at sugar mills reached 437 MW (57
projects) by the end of year 2004 (Table 1). In addition to above, a total capacity of 55
MW (1817 projects) of biomass gasifier system has been installed by June 30th, 2003.
Biomass gasification is the most appropriate technology for Cambodia’s rural
electrification and I report details and case studies of biomass gasification in India.

See the Report for more detail: