Echo Energy Group Pyrolysis Gasification Systems

Echo Energy Group, February 2011
South Carolina, USA

Echo Energy Group produces modular, skid mounted self contained pyrolisis gasification systems that can use a variety of fuels.

  • Modular Design –37 TPD , 75 TPD, 150 TPD systems ----Unites can be Trained for Larger Capacity
  • Footprint 25 ft. x 125 ft.
  • Closed System –No Flame – 0 Pressure – No Volatile Gases
  • Quality Carbon Char Byproduct If Desired -- or Reintroduce Char for Processing and Boost Gas and/or Fuel Creation
  • Including All Electrical , Wet Scrubbers , Waste Water Treatment
  • + -120 Gallons Of Fuel Per Ton of Processed Feedstock ---- 37 tpd + - 3mw

More information is available in the attached document, and on their web site: