Facts about Producer Gas Engines

G. Sridhar and Ravindra Babu Yarasu June, 2011

We are pleased to learn of this paper, in which Sridhar and Yarasu connect and engine that is designed to run on producer gas to a downdraft gasifier, and learn a lot of new things; one of which is that the engine runs efficiently at a higher compression ratio without any problems with knock. They do a great job of presenting the results from their trials, and then comparing standard modeling tools and finding where the gaps are. Well worth the read.

G. Sridhar and Ravindra Babu Yarasu (2010). Facts about Producer Gas Engine , Paths to Sustainable Energy, Jatin Nathwani and Artie Ng (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-401-6, InTech, Available from:

and also available here as an attachment.