GEK 2 Year Anniversary Weekend Workshop June 4-6

Jim Mason, GEK, June, 2010

The workshop weekend was great fun and good learning as usual-- and this time with a gasifier-genset running through the whole event.

Thank you again to all who joined us, and for the many new friends that came out of the process. The full gallery of the weekend is here:

Weekend Workshop next weekend, June 4-6

We're putting things in order for our two year anniversary workshop this coming weekend. If you want to join us but have yet to RSVP, see here:

The focus of the weekend will be on running the GEK, BEK and Power Pallet. This will be hands-on learning and running more than project building for this round. Hands will get dirty. Biochar, clean gas and electricity will be made. Arrive at the end of the weekend knowing how to make it all work back at your homestead.

The Friday eve talk is expanding with some interesting guest lecturers. My (Jim Mason's) gasification intro talk will be shortened so others can also present. We're honored to have joining us Dr. Kyoung Ro of the USDA ARS in South Carolina who will present his work on: “Pyrogasification of animal manures to produce combustible gas and value-added biochar”. Dr. Devinder Mahajan of Brookhaven National Laboratory is also joining us to give an overview of his syngas to liquid fuel work at Stony Brook and BNL. If you are unaware of Dr. Ro or Dr. Mahajan's work, I encourage you to consult the internet. Both are pillars in the field and we're very lucky to have them joining us in the GEK/BEK collaboration.

Prof. Sundar Narayan will also join us from Lambton College in Ontario, Canada. Sundar is the owner of the first GEK we shipped, which he's returning to the mothership for the anniversary workshop. In return he'll take home a new v4.0 GEK. Hopefully we can run the first GEK side by side with the current GEK over the weekend.

Jim Mason
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