Polykor Furnace

Dr Jury Judkevitch's Polykor Furnace

Our design is the brick furnace. Into this furnace insert cylinders from a
metal pipe. The top of the cylinder is closed. The bottom is a lattice
(grid-iron). The grid-iron can be removed if to turn on 45 degrees. At
first step the cylinder overturn, remove a grid-iron and fill wood (fire
wood or small-sized pieces of a tree another chips). A grid-iron put on a
place and the cylinder overturn by a hole downwards. In the upper cover of
the furnace there are holes. In them put cylinders. Holes a little and the
cylinders put in a miscellany time.

The gas burns and gives warmly. If the initial
humidity of wood is less than 50 %, the fuel is not necessary. The good
coal (87 % of nonvolatile carbon) is received. Such coal burns without a
smoke in any opened furnace. I have named this installation "Polykor". In
this name the names of my favourite teachers are saved which already have
died many years ago. It is the professor Pomerancev, professor Liverovsky,
professor Korotov. They have learned me to everything, that I know in the
field of wood coal and there were good people. I and my comrades have
received the message, that to us the patent to this design is produced. But
patent has not come yet. We have interest to commercial use of this
process. In Russia there is a corporation, which financed activity and
prototype installation. We would like to receive a contact to such
corporation not in Russia. We now have economic difficulties and the
activity goes slowly, and the life is short. But I am off-the shelf without
payment to help the one who is poorer than us. But I may to give only
advice. There is no money to go anywhere.

For our furnace are not necessary
neither electricity, nor vapours, water. Is necessary only the lift, but
also it can be manual.

Yours faithfully J.Judkevitch