Yingkou, China: International Training workshop in Biomass Gasification September, 2011

Biomass Gasification

September 1-September 20, 2011
Yingkou, China

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is a governmental agency that is responsible for the foundation and implementation of national science and technology R&D plans. One of its important missions is to strengthen international cooperation in science and technology with other countries, especially with developing countries. Since 1989, international technical training workshop/courses on various subjects have been conducted in China every year under the auspices of MOST as a part of its international scientific and technical cooperation programs.
The Workshop on Technology and Utilization of Biomass Gasification, sponsored by Department of International Cooperation of MOST, organized by, Liaoning Institute of energy Resources (LIER), will be held in Yingkou, China in 2011.

See theattached Application for more detail, what to expect and qualifications to attend

The objectives of the workshop are as follows:

  • 1) To introduce methods and experiences for the exploitation utilization of Biomass gasification;
  • 2) To exchange technology and experiences in the field of biomass gasification technology;
  • 3) To promote the cooperation on introducing appropriate technology, technology transfer, new product development;
  • 4) To promote the cooperation in joint research projects as well as education and training of biomass gasification technology.

Liaoning Institute of Energy Resources, No. 3 Kefei Road, Yingkou (N 39°6'to 40°56',E 121°56'to 123°2'), Liaoning Province, China

It is usually fine in September in Liaoning Province with the temperature ranging from 10 to 20℃

Working Language: English

See theattached Application for more detail, what to expect and qualifications to attend.

Sponsored by
Department of International Cooperation of MOST
15B Fuxing Road, Beijing 100862, China
Organized by
Liaoning Institute of Energy Resources
No.3, Kefei Road, Yingkou 115003, Liaoning Province, China