Taim Weser, using their Gasification system to heat and power their Steelworking and Machining

Taim Weser

Taim Weser, Spain, 2011

Starting in 2010, Taim Weser installe their own Downdraft Biomass Gasifier in one of their Steelworking and Machine shops to use more renewable energy, and reduce their reliance on the gas they had been using to heat their shops. In addition to using the gas produced by the gasifier, they also recovered heat for use in their facility, and they estimate that the payback on their investment will be realized (without subsidies) in less than 2 years.

These are some brief specs from their website about their gasifier:

Characteristics of the system

  • Biomass consumption: 650-750 kg/h
  • P.C.I. synthesis gas: 1.32-1.55 KWh/Nm3
  • Gas flow in Engine: 1.170-1470 Nm3/h
  • Ashes: 15-35 Kg/h

Technical specifications

  • Electric power: 650-750 KWe
  • Useable thermal energy: 1200-1400 KWt
  • Plant consumption (without biomass preparation): 10%
  • Operating time: 7000 h/year

Representatives from Taim Weser summarized their project in a presentation for the German waste to energy + recycling conference in May, 2011

The link to the full presentation (in pdf) is here: