ICM is Decomissioning their Pilot Plant in Kansas

According to the Kansan ICM is decommissioning their pilot plant at Harvey County Transfer Station in Kansas. In the project, the county and ICM explored a number of different feedstock options, including waste paper, urban wood waste, and the county felt that it was a worth while project and worth the time and energy spent on it. They expressed sadness that they could not go forward with a waste-to-energy project at this time.

For more detail see the full article: http://www.thekansan.com/article/20121220/NEWS/121229996/1001/NEWS

In that time they successfully processed more than 7,000 tons of 13 different feedstocks including refuse-derived fuel (RDF) generated from municipal solid waste (MSW), tire-derived fuel mixed with RDF, wood chips, pine bark, wheat straw, corn stover, chicken litter, switchgrass, and other biomass/energy crops.

There are 3 sizes of ICM sytems 5-megawatt (MW), 150-ton-per-day (TPD) system, a 10-MW, 300-TPD system and a 15-MW, 450-TPD system, and the gasifier can be configured to produce biochar.

(For details about the initial opening of the plant see: http://biomassmagazine.com/articles/5506/icm-biomass-gasifier-ready-for-... )