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Performance optimization of two-staged gasification system for woody biomass

<p><a href=";_udi=B6TG3-4MD9G5K-2&amp;_user=5375426&amp;_coverDate=03%2F31%2F2007&amp;_rdoc=1&amp;_fmt=&amp;_orig=search&amp;_sort=d&amp;view=c&amp;_acct=C000050221&amp;_version=1&amp;_urlVersion=0&amp;_userid=5375426&amp;md5=9ba0810a75c86f9bc2b03c4fe0b3b9fe">Performance optimization of two-staged gasification system for woody biomass</a><br />

Small/Micro Heat and Power: Alternate Energy Solutions

<p>Small/Micro Heat and Power: Alternate Energy Solutions<br /> Brian Cartwright, Alternate Energy Solutions, Wichita, Kansas, November 2007</p> <p class="MsoNormal"> <span><a href=""></a><p></p></span> </p> <p class="MsoNormal"> <span>Alternative<br /> Energy Solutions (AES) is a leading name in renewable energy. AES specializes<br />

Small Modular and Distributed BiopowerSystems, Biopower Systems: Applications and Demonstration in California

<p> <a href="">Small Modular and Distributed BiopowerSystems, Biopower Systems: Applications and Demonstration in California</a> </p> <p> Richard Bergman, Research Chemical Engineer, Engineered Properties and Structures (FS-FPL-4714)<br /> USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin, March 1, 2005 </p> <p> Small Modular Biopower System (SMBS)<br /> -Background<br /> - National Fire Plan objective<br />

OPET: Wood Chippers and Crushers

<p>OPET: Wood Chippers and Crushers<br /> Tekes, Finland for OPET - Organisations for the Promotion of Energy Technologies - February 2001</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation<br /><a href=""></a></p>


<p><img src="" /></p>

Concept Vehicle - Compressed Producer Gas

This is a concept vehicle that, to my knowledge, has not been tested but is based on a proved design.

The future producer gas fueled suburbia will need some form of transportation. One possible solution would be a compressed producer gas powered railed trolley. The compressed gas would be the motive fluid for the prime mover. After the motive fluid (pure producer gas) is exhausted from the prime mover it would be burned in the heat exchanger in order to heat the producer gas, expansion, before entering the prime mover. Just like the compressed air vehicles of the past except we exchange the air for producer gas and before exhausting the gas (after it has done work in the prime mover) we burn it in the heat exchanger. A compressed air machine would just exhaust the air after it was used in the prime mover.


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