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KATRINA: Damage and Blowdown

<p>KATRINA: Damage and Blowdown<br /> Dan Dimiduk, December 2005</p> <div class="inline left"><a href="/?q=node/75"><img src="" alt="Burning" title="Burning" class="image thumbnail" height="125" width="150" /></a><br /><span class="caption" style="width: 148px;"><strong>Burning</strong></span></div>

Slide Abutment Rotary Compressor Conversion

Slide Abutment Rotary Compressor Conversion
Peter Singfield, Belize, December 2005

Photo #1
The sliding abutment rotary compressor -- converting it to a rotary engine??

1st -- why bother -- they already believe they have the perfect device -- the scroll compressor!!

Or if your rich -- the turbo extractor.

So why bother??

Well -- here is the review to why.



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