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Report: Successful 2 month continuous Gasifier run and lessons learned.

Greg Manning, Canadian Gasifier Ltd, September, 2010

I'm running a gasifier that to date, ran continuous (without shutdown) for
2 months, this was the limit of the steels used to build the unit, upon examination the delamination of the steel in the internal "hot spot" areas was so severe that these areas had to be replaced with new items. not once but twice during the heating season.

we have moved away from steels in these critical areas, and on to refractory, and are preparing for a new set of tests this coming winter (this is a building heating only gasifier).

view through the tuyere here:

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Test Flare, (to prove the presence of igniteable producer gas)

This is a standing photo of a test flare, from one of my gasifiers, there are no filters, or cyclones in the piping, simply a gas cooling section, and a condensate sump, before the suction fan that is driving this flare.

Feedstock: Chipped "Trembeling Aspen" (Quaking Aspen) 18% MC
Reduction Method: Downdraft Throated Hearth
Consumption: In the above photo, 3kg/hr. (gasifier at lowest production)
Date: October 16, 2005
Gas Sample Report: (Taken on October 16, but tested on the 21st)

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