Jeff Davis


Abstract: The Twister is a crude prototype of a concentric vortex burner that was made from what was remaining of Mr. Charcoal.

Twister Pic 1: Tall flame, concentric vortex burner.Twister Pic 1: Tall flame, concentric vortex burner.

MR Charcoal

Abstract: An exploration of a large scale Top Lite Up Draft (TLUD), fabricated from a recycled hot water tank heater.

Here, Mr Charcoal is running on loose switchgrass.

This is at the end of the switchgrass burn. I wanted to show the charcoal but it did not show up in the picture.


Screen Shoot of PufferMathScreen Shoot of PufferMath

PufferMath is a spreadsheet to assist with gas producer calculations. Read more and download at the below link.

Switchgrass Fireball Slag

This is an interesting ash/slag switchgrass fireball. The outside is hardened by becoming slagged. Not all swichgrass fireballs turned to slag. As a matter of fact I think most of my slag came from tests that over heated the gasifier. Simply need more testing.


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