Jeff Davis

Argos 2015

woodgas truck

It's Friday at the Argos wood gas meeting. On display and running were pickup trucks, mowers, tractor, garden tractors, chunkers and a generator. And let's not forget charcoal making. Saturday should have a larger showing.

Honda Clone fueled by producer-gas

Conversion of a 6.5hp single cylinder Honda clone engine to producer-gas. Timing was advanced and a carburetor was fabricated. These are affordable engines popular with go-cart racers thus there is a pool of performance techniques easily available to tap.


Woodgas Meet and Greet 2013

Woodgas Meet and Greet; Argos, Indiana, Welcome

Jeff Davis 2013

This is the second year that the "Woodgas Meet and Greet" was held in Argos Indiana. With the water tower (Photo 5) acting as a beacon attracting people from across the country to share their knowledge, experience and question with each other. It's easy to say that it was a total success and the Argos Fairgrounds was the perfect setting.


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