Small Scale Cashew Shell Gasifier

Early version of the gasifier with a flare

These photos come From Aaron Fishman, who built a small scale gasifier for a cashew enterprise in Indonesia. Their capacity is around 1,000kg/day of which 750kg is waste shells that can be used for fuel and biochar. The biochar will be used to help improve the soils. The company is using the gasifier to reduce their consumption of LPG and to find uses for the cashew shells that are a residue stream from the factory.


Paddy Seed Dryer Gasifier and Furnace

by: Alexis Belonio and Billy Belonio
Mapangpang, Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

Drying seeds is a major concern fro growers in Nueva Ecija, especially when harvesting coincides with rainy periods (that make sun drying seeds difficult). Rice Husks can make an inexpensive fuel, and a Rice Husk Gasifier is an improvement over the traditional Furnace Design


New Biomass Gasifier for Rural Electrification, Philippines

Eco Market Solutions, Philippines

Governer Bella Angara-Catillo, Mayor Tubigan and the Dinalugan Municipal Council are proud to cut the ribbon on the first gasifier for rural power electrification in the Philippines this month.

The 250kw Gasifier is welcomed by the community of Dinalungan, Aurora as an alternative to expensive diesel power in the area. Diesel power in the local communities are struggling to provide power for more than 6 hours per day.


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