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Avonmouth pyrolysis firm baled out by Ethos

From Letsrecycle.com January, 2008

The Compact Power Pyrolisis and Gasification Treatment plant was purchased by Ethos Recycling.

"Compact Power had been developing a pyrolysis and gasification treatment plant, with a £5 million funding pledge from the government programme."

"After suspending its shares last September, the company announced last week that it had gone into administration (17 January). "


Thompson Spaven 180Nm3/hr unit in assembly

I attach a recent picture of a 180Nm3/hr unit in assembly. (This particular one is destined for a large water company in the north of England and, when coupled to an engine, will give around 75kW of flywheel power and 165kW of good quality heat for sewage drying.)

Perhaps you could update our listing since the old picture is looking a little tired

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