Production of synthetic natural gas in a fluidized bed reactor

Jan Kopyscinski, April 2010

Hello everybody,

This is my first message here in this forum. My former colleague (Johannes) sent you already the link to my PhD-Thesis (see below). I just want to give some more information about my work as a Doctoral Student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and at the Paul Scherrer Institute (


Grass for Power Generation

Grass for Power Generation
Johanes Judex, PSI April 2010

Hello everybody,

I have learned from this gasification network since three years and I learned a lot.
Thank you all, for sharing much information.

Most of the time I stayed in the background but now I want to post the link to my PhD thesis I did at the ETH Zuerich and Paul Scherrer Institut in Biomass Gasification.

I am not a native english writer so you will excuse the formal mistakes I made. Anyway I did my best to present:

Grass for power generation -- extending the fuel flexibility for IGCC power plants

The outline of the work is as follows:

The fuel: natural native grass (extensive), wood
The gasifiers: bubbling fluidised bed (5-10kW) & single pellet reactor
The sampling: continuous wet scrubber
The diagnostik: GC, GC/MS, ICP-OES, TC, Karl-Fischer, Draeger tubes, SID
The parameters: Lambda, temperature, bed material
The goal: Stable operation, product gas clean enough for gas turbine applications
The result: you have to read it and decide for yourself

Well, I hope there is something for everybody in this work.



BTG Bioliquids, BTG-BTL Website

BTG Bioliquids BV, BTG-BTL Biomass-to-Liquids Website
February 2010

BTG BioLiquids is a pyrolysis technology provider. Our technology efficiently converts most types of non-food biomass into a second generation bio–oil within two seconds. Based on 15 years of developing, optimizing and scaling up our technology we deliver commercial scale pyrolysis plants to our customers today.



GE Energy’s Jenbacher Gas Engines Successfully Power Japan’s Largest Wood Gas Power Plant

GE Energy’s Jenbacher Gas Engines Successfully Power Japan’s Largest Wood Gas Power Plant
Power Technology

11 March 2008

Cherry trees utilized for alternative energy project

Fueled by gasified wood chips from a nearby forest, Japan's largest wood gas-to-energy plant, powered by two of GE Energy's Jenbacher gas engines, has successfully started operation in the Yamagata Prefecture, generating 2MW of electricity for local power purposes.

IEA Task 33 Gasification- Technical Presentations from Second Semi-Annual Task Meeting - 2009

Technical Presentations from Second Semi-Annual Task Meeting - 2009
November 2-5, 2009 — Breda, Netherlands


Sweden (pdf 3.5 MB) Lars Waldheim, TPS

Netherlands (pdf 429 KB) Bram van der Drift, ECN

World Bank Group Energy Strategy

The World Bank have launched online consultations for the World Bank Group Energy Strategy. The online consultations are part of broader effort to gather input from a wide range of perspectives on how the Bank Group can best help developing countries improve the access and reliability of energy while helping facilitate the shift to a more environmentally sustainable energy development path. In addition to collecting comments online, WBG will hold a series of meetings, videoconferences, and other events in the first phase of consultations from February 2010 to June 2010.


Smith Spun-Glass Tar Extractor

Jeff Davis, January 2010

The below text is from "Gas Engines and Producers", Marks.

The apparatus shown in Fig. 39 is a recent development in gas cleaning.

With this type of apparatus the standard anthracite producer is used with bituminous coal and no attempt is made to fix the resulting tar.

Gasification 2009 - Gas Cleanup and Gas Treatment

Gasification 2009 - Gas Cleanup and Gas Treatment
Swedish Gas Centre (SGC) Stockholm, October 22-23, Stockholm, Sweden

The seminar is organized by Swedish Gas Centre (SGC) and is part of SGC's technology surveillance and information activities.

The main aim of the seminar is to offer a platform for exchange of information, results and experiences as well as networking. Therefore, national and international researchers, industrial representatives and representatives for national funding agencies are invited to give presentations at the seminar.




Welcome, Jörgen Held, Director Swedish Gas Centre

Ingvar Landälv, CHEMREC AB. Black Liquor Gasification

Lars Otter, Lurgi GmbH. Gasification of alternative feedstocks for the production of synfuels and 2nd generation biofuels

Kathrin Bienert, CHOREN Industries GmbH. Commercial Scale BTL Production on the verge of becoming reality

Kasper Lundtorp, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S. Up-draft Biomass Gasification

Esteban Chornet, Enerkem. Heterogeneous biomass residues and the catalytic synthesis of alcohols

Ingemar Gunnarsson, Göteborg Energi AB. Status of the GoBiGas-project

Cesar Dopazo, University of Zaragoza. On-going Gasification Activities in Spain

Francesco Fantozzi, University of Perugia. Biomass Gasification Research in Italy

Robin Zwart, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands. RD&D needs and recommendations for the commercialization of high-efficient bioSNG


Reinhard Rauch, Vienna University of Technology. Cleaning and Usage of Product Gas from Biomass Steam Gasification

David Dayton, Research Triangle Institute. Biomass Gasification and Catalytic Tar Cracking Process Development

Tim Schulzke, Fraunhofer UMSICHT. Syngas Cleaning with Catalytic Tar Reforming

John Bøgild Hansen, Haldor Topsøe A/S. Biomass Gas Cleaning and Utilization-The Topsøe Perspective

Jan-Willem Könemann, Dahlman. OLGA Tar Removal Technology

Strategy, Policy and Vision
Alexander Vogel, E.ON Ruhrgas AG. Bio-SNG - Strategy and Activities within E.ON

Henrik Kusar, Swedish Energy Agency. Strategy and Gasification Activities in Sweden

Michelle Ekman, Swedish Gas Association. 20 TWh/yr biomethane 2020

Summary of the conference, Staffan Karlsson, Swedish Gas Centre

Stalk Stoker, Gasifier in Naperville, IL

Chicago Daily Herald, Naperville IL Jan, 2010

The Stalk Stoker biomass gasifier is being used in Naperville, IL to power the city's fleet vehicles.

From the Herald web site: Naperville aims to run city vehicles on 'gasified' bio-waste

A partnership of Packer Engineering, Argonne National Laboratory, Naperville and the College of DuPage, with contributions from Northern Illinois University and the University of Illinois.

CU Burns 'Torrefied' Wood Instead of Pure Coal in Test

KSMU Ozarks Public Radio, Friday, 14 August 2009

City Utilities of Springfield invited local journalists out Thursday to witness an experiment in burning something other than coal to produce electricity. KSMU's Jennifer Moore took them up on the invitation and headed out.

CU Experiments By Burning 'Torrefied' Wood


Danish Technological University Updraft Gasifier Plant

Danish Technological University Updraft Gasifier Plant
DTU, Denmark, September 1, 2009

DTU Updraft Gasifier and Stirling EngineDTU Updraft Gasifier and Stirling Engine

Today, operation started on Stirling DK's latest installation situated on the campus areas of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Approximately 1% of DTU's total power consumption and 2% of its heat consumption will be supplied by the installation.

The plant includes a Stirling engine with an output of 35 kWe of electrical power. The surplus heat from the plant, in the form of hot water, is fed into the district heating system of the DTU campus.

The plant is fuelled by wood chips originationg partly from cuttings from DTU park areas. In this way, the plant is a stand-alone facility that enables DTU to become partly self-sufficient with CO2-neutral power and heat from locally availabel fuel sources.

More information about the project can be found here.


Clean Heat and Power Using Biomass Gasification for Small- to Medium-Scale Industrial and Agricultural Projects

Clean Heat and Power Using Biomass Gasification for Small- to Medium-Scale Industrial and Agricultural Projects
Carolyn Roos, Washington State University, Extension Energy Program, July 2009

Executive Summary


Market Assessment of Biomass Gasification and Combustion Technology for Small- and Medium-Scale Applications

Market Assessment of Biomass Gasification and Combustion Technology for Small- and Medium-Scale Applications

David Peterson and Scott Haase, for Natioanl renewable Energy Laboratory, July 2009

Technical Report NREL/TP-7A2-46190 July 2009

Gasification 2009 - Gas Clean-up and Gas Treatment

the Swedish Gas Centre (SGC) would like to draw your attention to our annual international seminar on gasification.

This year the seminar will take place October 22-23 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Please visit the seminar homepage for more info:

The presentations will be available as PDFs after the seminar. You will also find links

to presentations from previous seminars.

In conjunction with the seminar there will be a workshop related to the IEE-project (Intelligent Energy for Europe)

Guideline for Safe and Eco-friendly Biomass Gasification, http:/

The workshop is held 09:00-12:00 the 22nd October in the place of the seminar.

IEA Task 33 Gasification: Highlights of Current Biomass Gasification Activities in Member Countries May 2009

Technical Presentations from First Semi-Annual Task Meeting - 2009
May 13-15, 2009 — Karlsruhe, Germany

Task 33 Web Site:

Updated links to presentations in this table can be found here:




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