Report: The Status of Biomass Gasification in Thailand and Cambodia

Report on THE STATUS OF BIOMASS GASIFICATION in Thailand and Cambodia

October 2010 (5MB pdf linked to the owner's web site).
by P. Abdul Salam, S. Kumar and Manjula Siriwardhana

Prepared for:
Energy Environment Partnership (EEP), Mekong Region

excerpts from the report:


Yingkou, China: International Training workshop in Biomass Gasification September, 2011

Biomass Gasification

September 1-September 20, 2011
Yingkou, China

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) is a governmental agency that is responsible for the foundation and implementation of national science and technology R&D plans. One of its important missions is to strengthen international cooperation in science and technology with other countries, especially with developing countries. Since 1989, international technical training workshop/courses on various subjects have been conducted in China every year under the auspices of MOST as a part of its international scientific and technical cooperation programs.
The Workshop on Technology and Utilization of Biomass Gasification, sponsored by Department of International Cooperation of MOST, organized by, Liaoning Institute of energy Resources (LIER), will be held in Yingkou, China in 2011.

See theattached Application for more detail, what to expect and qualifications to attend

Charcoal Quality

Your comments on the charcoal issue is right. This information is for the people who would be interested in charcoal making.

Not properly dried wood will never yield more than 20% charcoal and most of the pieces will be broken. Charcoal which is not broken in pieces, burn longer and gives more energy. In the market what is called Grade A charcoal, brings 30 to 40% more price than lump charcoal. What is most important today is try to make charcoal as clean as possible environmentally, even in traditional kilns.

Carbo Consult & Engineering (Pty) Ltd

Carbo Consult & Engineering (Pty) Ltd, System Johansson Gas Producers, South Africa
Gero Eckermann, CEO replies to questions about the Carbon Consult Gasifier

1. What is the current population of your operating gasifiers?

From the 17 (including Gustaf’s) sold at about one / year, 7 of the later ones are still in operation, but this will hopefully change drastically once my comments in 7. (below) materialize.


Husk Power Systems, India

February, 2011

HUSK Power Systems

We are world leaders in decentralized generation and distribution of electric power.
Husk Power Systems (“HPS”) lighted the first village from its first 100% biomass based power plant that uses discarded rice husks to generate electricity in August 2007 and today it has installed 60 mini-power plants that power ~ 25,000 households in more than 250 villages and hamlets and impact lives of approximately 150,000 people in rural India.

Report: Successful 2 month continuous Gasifier run and lessons learned.

Greg Manning, Canadian Gasifier Ltd, September, 2010

I'm running a gasifier that to date, ran continuous (without shutdown) for
2 months, this was the limit of the steels used to build the unit, upon examination the delamination of the steel in the internal "hot spot" areas was so severe that these areas had to be replaced with new items. not once but twice during the heating season.

we have moved away from steels in these critical areas, and on to refractory, and are preparing for a new set of tests this coming winter (this is a building heating only gasifier).

view through the tuyere here:

Greg Manning,
Canadian Gasifier Ltd.
Building Hi-Performance Gasifiers, Since 2001

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
1 (204) 726-1851


Gasifipedia a New Resource for information

United States Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), August, 2010


Gasifipedia appears to focus on Coal Gasification, but it has nice clear illustrations and information that is both introductory and more detailed.


Thermogenics 100kw Gasification System

Leland T. "Tom" Taylor, Thermogenics Inc, August, 2010

This is a 100kw gasification system which I have been working on and is fully operational. It is ideal for hospitals, pharmaceutical conversion, military battlefield waste conversion and the like. It is eminently portable and highly efficient.


GEK Power Pallet

Jim Mason, GEK, June, 2010

Here's a gallery of the most recent power pallet we shipped. This one went to Latvia.

You can see we've gone back to a traditional C channel frame skid under the engine genset. The CNC cut version turned out to be more work than the benefits realized. The C channel method is stronger with about the same weight. On top you can see the new 55gal stainless steel drum hopper. And on the bottom we've added rubber mounting feet under the skid and under the GCU box to further isolate vibration.

GEK 2 Year Anniversary Weekend Workshop June 4-6

Jim Mason, GEK, June, 2010

The workshop weekend was great fun and good learning as usual-- and this time with a gasifier-genset running through the whole event.

Thank you again to all who joined us, and for the many new friends that came out of the process. The full gallery of the weekend is here:

Weekend Workshop next weekend, June 4-6

We're putting things in order for our two year anniversary workshop this coming weekend. If you want to join us but have yet to RSVP, see here:

The focus of the weekend will be on running the GEK, BEK and Power Pallet. This will be hands-on learning and running more than project building for this round. Hands will get dirty. Biochar, clean gas and electricity will be made. Arrive at the end of the weekend knowing how to make it all work back at your homestead.


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